Winslow Case Studies

Case Study #1:

One manager scored high on assertiveness and control, and low in tough-mindedness and composure. It wasn’t until he saw his report that he realized these characteristics were holding him back in his career.

He had always perceived himself as dynamic, tough-minded and aggressive, but others perceived him as argumentative, hostile and inflexible.

He never realized that his aggressive traits, coupled with negative traits, made it difficult for him to work effectively with others.


After receiving his report and a few sessions with his own Success Coach, he learned to control and eventually change his negative personality traits while concentrating on his assets.

Before he participated in the Program, he was on the brink of being let go. Five years later, he’s a vice president.

Are YOU aware of how others perceive your behavior? You’re in store for some surprises from the Personality Traits section of your report.

Case Study #2:

One woman couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting anywhere in her company – an enormous multinational corporation. Her Winslow Assessment and Development Report showed her that her most influential traits were autonomy, boldness, self- confidence, ambition and control.


After examining her influential traits, and asking her coach to run her report through Winslow’s exclusive Career Pathing software, she realized her entrepreneurial personality just didn’t fit into the culture of the enormous, bureaucratic organization she worked for.

She left to start her own business. It has become a great success, and she’s a lot happier too.