Winslow Approach

By knowing who you really are – as a result of both heredity and environment – your life will take on more meaning than ever before.

  • Your home life will improve.
  • You’ll get more out of your friendships and personal relationships.
  • You’ll feel more relaxed than ever before in your life – because you’ll have no doubts whatsoever concerning “the real you.”

By being true to yourself – improving what can be improved and making the most of your outstanding qualities – there will be no stopping you!

When it comes to your career, the rewards of knowing yourself are astronomical.

  • Better relationships
  • More money
  • More prestige
  • More recognition
  • More achievements
  • A greater overall satisfaction with where you’re headed in life.

This guide to you can help you make it happen for yourself.


In addition to all of the above, each participant will receive a free 45-minute phone session with your own Personal Success Coach – your professional mentor to guide you through your Winslow Report results. Your coach will suggest strategies, techniques and tools to help you achieve even greater personal success through building on the insights from your Winslow Assessment and Development Profile.

When you order your Winslow Report you can specify that you would like to receive THREE personal sessions with your own Success Coach for a small additional charge. This is a fabulous opportunity to get additional support to accelerate your progress.


Your Success Coach will also have access to the Position Compatibility Profiles from the sophisticated Winslow Reports database. While on the phone with you, within moments your coach can compare your Report results with the results of hundreds of thousands of other successful and dynamic performers – and suggest based on your personality the best career path for you.

Of course, the Winslow doesn’t identify the education or experience requirements for a career change, but it will tell you whether your current position is the best fit for your personality. You probably know people who have paid thousands of dollars in trying to discover this information alone.