Professional Practice Testimonials

“Terry’s proved invaluable to me and many members of my Practice with her advice, coaching, mentoring and caring attitude. Terry’s extensive background in Organizational Change, her even temperament and years of business experience make her ideally suited to perform a coaching role.”

– Jeff Hicks

“Terry Kozlowski is a consummate professional who helped me both on a personal and professional level to get positive and sustaining business results through adept management of a diverse workgroup. Her common sense, results oriented focus sprinkled with the right amount of humor proved to be the winning combination required to successfully implement a multimillion dollar project. Terry’s coaching expertise brought the balance necessary to make success a reality.”

– David Schonauer – Director, Information Technology,
General Motors Corporation

“In the 8 years I have known and worked with Terry, I have seen her deliver dramatic results for clients. She has a knack for cutting straight to the heart of an issue and drive people and groups to solve problems that seemed to be insurmountable. Terry is the total package. Intelligent, experienced and driven to succeed. Every interaction with her seems to create new ideas, new learnings, new ways of looking at things.”

– Andrea Alterman

“Terry’s proactive and concrete suggestions have been enormously impactful as an accelerator of my performance as a leader.”

– David Saef – General Manage

“Terry has been my sounding board . . . an objective individual willing to ask the tough questions and help me sort through the answers. She has been an unbiased mirror, reflecting back what she hears and doesn’t hear me say, helping me to sort through all the clutter bouncing around in my head.”

– Simon Powle – President

“Terry is an extraordinarily hard worker. She is dedicated fully to the success of her clients. She is thorough and challenging. She’s not afraid to say what needs to be said, but can do so in a pleasant, yet straightforward way. She will challenge you to do your best- even if you are convinced you don’t want to or can’t do it. She will push you to achieve.”

– Noel Innocenti – Plainsboro, New Jersey

“As the owner of a growing business, there are never enough hours in the day. My profit increased when I began to focus on what was most important. Terry helped me establish my personal and business priorities, and now gives me the push I need when I get behind in meeting my goals”

– Entrepreneur, WA

“Terry keeps me focused, and helps me overcome feelings of being overwhelmed by breaking down my goals into manageable parts. She helps me identify obstacles and weaknesses, and gives me the tools to overcome them. I’m more accountable when I work with Terry.”

– Victoria Carroll

“Terry has acted as my coach for the past year and has provided value beyond measure.”

– Susan Smith – Cleveland, Ohio

“I have valued Terry’s acknowledgement, advocacy, appreciation, support and humor over the years. Her gifts as a listener, empathizer, supporter, and practical business problem solver serve people well.”

– Fred Cheyunski, Southwick, Massachusetts

“Terry’s support is always straightforward, practical and meaningful. Messages and suggestions are delivered with a metaphor that adds both perspective and humor.”

– Michael Di Angelo – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Terry. She brings the enthusiasm and energy you see on this site, along with a strong work ethic, quick thinking, and the ability to adapt to clients’ needs and wants (with good humor!).”

– Susan Faier – Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve know Terry for years and her leadership in the field of organizational change is top notch. She is a skilled facilitator that can navigate teams through even the most challenging situations.”

– Sara Vose – Falls Church, Virginia