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“Your Successful Practice Program” offers a comprehensive solution for the professional in a solo or small firm practice (Attorney, CPA, Engineer, etc.) who wants to dramatically improve their business and their life

These step-by-step processes and tools have been used for the past 15 years with attorneys who on average report a 30% increase in revenues while decreasing their work hours by 10-15% and experiencing more work-life balance.

This 12 month program produces results because it integrates the WHAT, HOW and WHO necessary for an individual and their organization to make and sustain powerful and long lasting changes for the better!

WHAT – The “Your Successful Practice Program” begins with a Practice Diagnostic to assess your unique strengths and pinpoint exactly what simple but powerful improvements will get you immediate results.

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HOW – Based on the results of your diagnostic and consultation, if accepted, you begin moving forward in your program with your Business Advisor. Through regularly scheduled contact (two to three hours a month) by phone or in person as you select, you’ll define and move toward your specific goals. You’ll set action steps with specific time frames and get expert guidance on “how to’s” through the modules of your training and reference materials. Together, you and your Business Advisor will fix what isn’t working and reinforce what’s working well to achieve even better results.

If there are two or more professionals in the same practice, an additional group session (in person or by phone) is held monthly with all participants. Your advisor is also available to you via email and phone throughout the 12 months of the program.

Special proven materials will be provided to you as a reference library of practical tools to assist you address the four key challenges in a thriving professional practice:

  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Client Development and Marketing
  • Staffing and Internal Communications
  • Finances and Cash Flow

Click here for more information on the practical tools, tips and forms in the comprehensive reference manuals included in your program.

WHO – Your Business Advisor draws upon years of experience to work with you and your staff to adapt the strategies to your specific circumstances and dreams. Just like all top athletes and performers rely upon a coach or mentor to stay at the top of their game, your advisor provides accountability and reinforcement so you stay on track to your results.

Terry Kozlowski is the founder of Achievementor Group – dedicated to supporting individuals achieve greater success in the world of work. She is renowned as a national speaker and career expert, has been seen nationally on NBC.

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Your Practice Diagnostic is $175, which is applied to the first month’s fee if we mutually agreed that you are an appropriate candidate for the complete program.

The investment for “Your Successful Practice Program” for an individual ranges from $500 to $1000 monthly and typically takes approximately one year to complete (although you may discontinue at any time with 30 days notice). In addition, there may be a one-time materials fee from $250 to $1000 depending on the modules and extra support material identified as relevant to your situation through the diagnostic.

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What results can I expect and by when?
The “Your Successful Practice Program” focuses on delivering two kinds of results. Process results come first. These are both external (e.g., more efficient work flow) and internal (e.g., reduced stress). These results begin manifesting within weeks of starting the program. Outcome results follow these process results, and typically manifest between 6 and 9 months. Depending on your practice baseline and your particular goals, you can expect to achieve a minimum 150 to 200% return on your investment upon completion of the program. With dedication, you can expect to be on track for a 20 to 50% increase in revenues and a 5 to 10% decrease in hours the following year (depending, again, on your baseline and goals).

Can I afford the investment?
What’s the actual value of one production hour of your time — that is, one direct revenue-generating hour of work on a client matter? Is it $125? $225? $325? Whatever the figure, multiply it by ten, because that’s the minimum number of increased production hours you’re going to gain per month. If you already have enough work to fill those hours, you’ll realize the increased revenues very quickly. If you don’t, the Client Development & Marketing module will support you in filling them with more of your ideal clients.

How much time will I have to devote to this Program?
An average of 60 to 90 minutes a week is typical. But because the program teaches you how to work smarter, rather than longer, you’ll learn how to block out time for completing your “field work” without it adding pressure to your schedule.

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