Professional Practice Diagnostic

The “Your Successful Practice Program” begins with a Practice Diagnostic to assess your unique strengths and pinpoint exactly where you can make simple but powerful changes to get immediate results.


You may be intrigued, but not completely sure if this program is right for you. Because we are not able to work with every professional who applies for the program and because we offer a money back guarantee of satisfaction, we also need to ensure that we only take on those clients that are in personal and professional circumstances where they are ready to implement this program and receive its benefits.

The Practice Diagnostic looks at your life and business from the outside-in and identifies where you will receive specific benefits and gets you off to a fast start. Together you and your Diagnostic Advisor will zero in on the areas in your practice where changes would produce the greatest impact for YOU and your firm. You also benefit by setting the baseline of where you are today, so you can track the speed of your progress.


First you order your own Practice Diagnostic. Click here to order online.

Within 24 hours we will email or fax back to you a few simple forms that examine key areas in the success of your practice — Time Management and Productivity and Client Development and Marketing.

It will take you about 15 minutes to complete and return them. Once we receive them, we schedule your private one-on-one phone consultation with the Diagnostic Advisor.

During this one hour consultation on your results, you’ll gain valuable insights and new ideas. You’ll identify your strengths and areas to focus on. You’ll leave with specific “how to’s” and a strong action plan for moving forward.


If we mutually agree that the complete “Your Successful Practice Program” is right for you, we will apply the $175 diagnostic fee to your first month’s program fee.

Even if you’re not yet ready to participate in the complete program, you’ll gain valuable insights to apply immediately in your practice.

Remember that the Practice Diagnostic as one of our services is 100% guaranteed to produce value that far exceeds what you paid. If you don’t agree that your diagnostic and consultation with your advisor adds significant value to you and your firm, just let us know and you will not be charged.

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