We work with individuals (employed and unemployed, career changers, job seekers, college students, new retirees)

who desire a more prosperous and fulfilled life to:

  • identify and evaluate their career options
  • make better career and life decisions
  • move forward into action with confidence

“through services offered through Achievementor Group’s “Individual’s Career Diagnostic Program.”

Questions to See if this Program Might Apply to You:

  • Are you working in a job you hate . . . and thinking “I can’t take it anymore!”?
  • Do you need to step back and figure out “what’s next” for your working life?
  • Do you need to identify new job or career options that truly interest you?
  • Are you a college student not sure of your major or career after graduation?
  • Are you disappointed with what you’ve achieved in your working life so far?
  • Are you proud of the career success you’ve achieved, but ready for something new?
  • Do you ever think, “Is this it? Isn’t there more to life?”
  • Have health or other circumstances led you to need to find another way to make a living?
  • Do you think you’re in a midlife crisis because things just aren’t working for you anymore?
  • Are you ready to pinpoint what you want out of life – and then plot a realistic strategy for getting it?
  • Is your family telling you that your job is killing you and to find something else?
  • Has your spouse threatened to leave you if you don’t find work somewhere else?
  • Are you retiring (or planning to) and need to figure out what to do with your time?
Career Diagnostic Program

Click here to see information on the Individual’s Career Diagnostic Program

Career Diagnostic Program


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