Individual’s Testimonials

Clients share their experiences with Terry Kozlowski, Achievementor Group founder:

“Terry is one of those rare individuals who has the uncanny ability to see a path forward when everything in your life is swirling around in your head. She has been masterful at helping me “reframe” or reconsider my current situation and helped me to arrive at a place where I can be of choice with the direction I want my life to take. Terry’s personable style and insight are excellent, and I value the intelligent and thoughtful perspective she always provides me. I know I will continue to rely on her good counsel for a long time to come.”

– Randy Roach – Chicago, Illinois

“I came to Terry at at a time in my life that I felt stuck. It wasn’t that something was “wrong” as much as I knew that so much more was possible.

One of the biggest barriers I had to overcome was this silly idea that “I could do it myself.” Before my work with Terry, I kept telling myself it was impossible in this lousy economy we have. Here I am with a new job that is exactly what I wanted!”

– Pat Ewert

“After working with Terry to identify what makes me unique in this crowded marketplace, I sent my carefully crafterd letter to 13 consulting organizations and within the week I was in active conversations with 5 of them. One told me today that they’re extending an offer next week. I wasn’t getting those results when I was job searching on my own. Terry’s support has been worth much more than I’ve paid her.”

– Professional new to Chicago

“Terry has the amazing qualities of being professional, intuitive and caring. I needed someone to give me guidance and direction. And, I found that when I had someone to be accountable to for commitments I made to myself, I stayed on track.”

– 50+ career changer in Orlando

“She was my job search cheerleader – the person I could call after every interview, the person who ran me through mock interviews and gotten me over my fear of calling total strangers. No other networking group or person has been as great a resource during this difficult time. I’m finding her expertise equally beneficial as I’m now transitioning into my new job.”

– Radcliffe/Wharton Alumna

“Terry has helped me figure out what industries I want to target and then has worked closely with me on the mechanics — refining my resume, my cover letter, practicing my elevator pitch, crafting a letter that sells my expertise to my target company and rehearsing those stressful follow-up phone calls. In summary, she has been my sanity!”

– Strategic Marketer

“You first made a difference in my life within minutes after our first face-to-face meeting last year in Dallas. You spoke with me and helped me understand my goals and priorities; you welcomed me and showed me possibilities. My every contact with you since then has been positive – and I am always left with a sense of understanding and peace, a feeling that I am on the right track, or a sense that no matter how bad things get, I will get through it. You inspire people, Terry. ”

– Leo C. Lin – Basking Ridge, New Jersey

“Terry is so thorough, so precise and yet so fun. I’m learning so much from her while having the time of my life. Her energy, her wit, her wisdom all work together to inspire me to be more than I am today. Thank you, Terry.”

– Job Seeker, Indianapolis, IN