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Achievementor Group
1106 W. Madison Street
Chicago IL 60607 
Phone: 312.421.5211
Fax: 312.421.6811 

Working Professionals Order

As career crisis experts, Achievementor Group helps successful working professionals like you overcome these and similar issues.

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If at any time within 30 days of delivery of service you notify us that you are unhappy with the performance or services of Achievementor Group, we will fully refund the fee for that service.


"Who Am I?" 

FREE 3Session Teleclass
These 50 minute group classes over the phone are suitable as a foundation for career or professional decisions. 

Class 1 - Clarify values or "life mission"

Class 2- Document current life goals, short and long term 

Class 3- Deepen understanding of own personality

Offered on multiple dates and times. Registration required. Click here to be notified via email of the nextavailable dates and times and to receive class registration link.

Winslow Report and Private Mentoring Session

The 24 trait Winslow report with private mentoring session.  Click here to learn more about the Winslow Report.   
Click here to Order. 

Private Mentoring Session

50 minutes scheduled private consultation with Achievementor Group mentor for any career related issue for $150. 
(May be applied to 30 day retainer fee if upgraded at or after session.)

30 Days Mentor Retainer 

Intensive 30 days support for any career related issues. Includes unlimited email access, unlimited brief (up to 10 minutes) unscheduled phone conversations and up to 4 scheduled private mentoring sessions (in person or over phone) of up to 50 minutes each. $500 for 30 day period. Click below to Order. 


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