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Interview with the Founder


Terry Kozlowski

What experiences have you had that make you a career crisis mentor?

How would you explain your philosophy of working to managers and leaders?

What are the special gifts you bring as a mentor?

Who are you? Tell me more about the real Terry.

How did you get into doing this?

In just a few bullet points, what can I expect from our coaching relationship?

"What experiences have you had that make you a career crisis mentor?"
My more than twenty years of business experience and proven performance in small, midsize, and corporate business situations as a salesperson, line manager, consultant, entrepreneur and business owner might seem to be enough. But I think the most powerful experiences that make me such an effective mentor have come from my participation in the "school of life" with the willingness to accept and learn from my mistakes and failures. This acceptance of my own imperfections allows me to accept others whatever their current circumstances or prior choices without judgment. 
The key question is "who do you want to be and what do you want to do now, moving forward?" Some people need help and some structure to figure that out. Others know exactly what they want to achieve and want new techniques to help them become an even more powerful and effective leader.
I've worked effectively with working professionals, job seekers and business owners to help them succeed. 
"How would you explain your philosophy of working to managers and leaders?"
Just as each manager and leader is a unique individual, you have a unique leadership style. I treasure that uniqueness and work with you as your accountability partner to help you become the leader you want to be, focusing on the components that are most relevant to you. 
As an objective thought partner I can provide feedback that the people who report to you may see but wouldn't be willing to take the risk to share. With me you can explore thinking that might not yet be appropriate to share with your boss or with your colleagues. I will be in your corner as your personal advisor to focus on you and your success. 
While we get bottom line results for the company and help you retain your key people, we'll also identify what's important to you in terms of your personal dreams and help you ensure that you have a life that works for you NOW.
"What are the special gifts you bring as a mentor?"
Me. I am what I bring. This means I bring my years of experience in working with many leaders as well as knowledge gained through my own struggles and successes. 
My clients and colleagues tell me my unique brilliance as a mentor is my ability to cut to the chase and get to the heart of a situation very quickly. Bringing powerful clarity for action in a caring and playful way allows each individual to become the person they choose to be, with the life results they want. 

Since my clients get all of me, people who've worked with me also say:
  • As a Businesswoman, Terry's brilliance is getting results through people with an organized, pragmatic focus on what's most important, without losing sight of the needs of the people getting it done.
  • As a Speaker, Terry's brilliance is connecting masterfully with a group, bringing useful information and spontaneous joy in the moment.
  • As a Woman, Terry's brilliance is high energy to tackle life's opportunities elegantly with authentic caring.
  • Terry's Core Brilliance elegantly combines her ability to quickly get to the heart of what's going on with grounded caring and playfulness.
"Who are you? Tell me more about the real Terry."
The real Terry is a synthesis and integration of apparent opposites. 
I have been both an entrepreneur and a corporate citizen. 

Both a respected consultant to Fortune 50 executives/managers and an actress who appeared as Countess Dracula. 

The third of seven children who grew up in a small Chicago flat with one bathroom, and now the single owner of a beautiful condo in the west loop of Chicago with three bathrooms for herself. 

The Mr. Spock who brings a calm reliance on logic to any chaotic situation and the woman who avoids movies with scenes of vicious brutality because of the emotional impact. 

The quiet participant in most gatherings who will speak up when she has something to say, and confront anyone regardless of status or position. 

The person who will silently absorb a contentious conversation with multiple points of view and then synthesize it into a succinct nugget that gains the group's acceptance. 
The business results-focused serious manager whose mischievous side peeks out when humor is sorely needed in the situation. 
The calm observer who brings incredible stage presence and energy as a speaker when it's show time. 
The real Terry is authentic, reliable and spontaneous.
"How did you get into doing this?"
Although I was producing significant results for my clients, and was receiving steady promotions and international recognition for my leadership as a partner within a globally recognized technology-consulting firm, I wanted to change my life. I had achieved professional and financial success that I could never have imagined when I was working as a legal secretary to put myself through college as an aspiring actress. 

But, I found myself in my 40's longing for a new way of life. I wanted more control over my work schedule, to do something challenging where I could still make a real contribution, but not have to be on a plane every week. 
I wanted time to indulge my acting, directing, singing or screenwriting interests - or to spend time with my family and friends or even time for just plain being. 

For more than three years I had been searching for a way to return to being an entrepreneur. Like Goldilocks with the three bears, there was always something in the business situations I found that didn't quite fit me - a product/service I wasn't passionate about, potential business partners that didn't share my ethics, values, etc. I attended a seminar and I instantly knew that I had found the right focus for me. This was where my business savvy, skill with people and speaking talents could be successfully applied to meet people's individual needs for support to reach their goals.

Within two weeks of reading Work Less, Make More  , I had successfully negotiated a salary increase AND a reduction of hours at my job to begin to make the transition. Within the month, I had also enrolled in the first of several certification programs, and bought myself a condo with the perfect home office to begin my new life. 
I was delighted when the Work Less Make More   Author Jennifer White personally selected me for her RESULTS development team to contribute content to her new book, Drive Your People Wild Without Driving Them Crazy   and supporting corporate coaching program. 

Now with multiple certifications and access to the latest tools and techniques, I can draw upon my decades of business experience to help individuals achieve greater success in the world of work.
"In just a few bullet points, what can I expect from our mentoring relationship?"
  • thought partner for your biggest dreams and most practical realities
  • pragmatic approach with your own unique action plan 
  • profound listening, discretion and compassion 
  • a nudge when you need one 
  • committed belief in you and your ultimate success 
  • and most importantly, a lot of fun and laughter as we play the game of life


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