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Achievementor Group
1106 W. Madison Street
Chicago IL 60607 
Phone: 312.421.5211
Fax: 312.421.6811 

About the Achievementor Group

Achievementor Group brings powerful personal and professional enhancement to working professionals, job seekers and entrepreneurs. We lead clients to career fulfillment, better work/family balance, higher profit margins, and more suitable career and employment choices through lively workshops, online interaction, tele-classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

The team at Achievementor Group combines the perfect mix of creative vision and practical consulting techniques to empower clients to achieve their dreams. Using a customized approach that suits the personalities of each client, we help them confront their challenges, strengths, motivations and fears, and show them how to turn their unique traits into career success.

For clients seeking to deepen their knowledge of themselves and learn how to interact better with others, we take clients through proven assessment tests, including the Winslow Personal Assessment and Development Program a unique tool that assesses 24 personality traits.

Through confidentiality and trust, Achievementor Group guides clients to realizing a more fulfilling and powerful life. 

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